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Listen to the Hassler lp…


this is the first song of the new Hassler lp “fed worked and watered” called “love this job”. 16 songs in 21 something minutes, he he.

Dead ?


label isn’t dead yet, but it will be soon. Have way too much to do with tours and my regular jobs, but some records are still coming. The Condominium lp will be out on monday. It’s the European press of their debut lp called “warm home”. Get in touch if you need some copies of this or Wrong Holes “2012” lp i put out together with some friends. New band of the Brutal Knights singer and really great. Talking about Brutal Knights. Hassler lp will be the next record to come out just in time for their European tour. Will upload a song in a minute. Also check out the Catholic Guilt 7” i put out a while ago. Great hc / punk from Graz.

thank you !!!!

Levitations 7” is out now.

Check out their website:

It’s called “partners in crime” and features four song.

Melodic punk from Berlin. A friend said it sounded like a mix between The Go Go’s and  killed by death records. Others say they were creating their very own style, but could be Berlins answer to Super Wild Horse or are similar to Kleenix or Lilliput. Who cares ? Check them out. They also will play a few shows live soon:

21.09. Berlin // Listen UP Festival, Südblock 01.10. Potsdam // Black Fleck 02.10. Köln // AZ KÖLN 03.10. Aachen // AZ Aachen 04.10. Oldenburg // TBA. 05.10. Enschede // The Loch 18.10 TBA 19.10. Frankfurt a.M. // Exzess

Rainy day in august…

hey folks,

there are some new releases out. The New Flesh LP and the Isolation and Voight Kampff Tapes. To be followed by the Levitaions 7” later next week and lots of other crap any time soon in the future.

As some of you might have noticed i am the slowest label in the world. Besides working 30-60 hours the week in my regular job and booking too many tours i had wanted to start my little very own label and put out very few releases. I failed. Might was obvious from the very beginning, but here we go…..S-O-R-R-Y.

there might will be a webshop soon. Have announced it for a while.

Doesn’t really matter. You better listen to some WESTON ! stupid nice lyrics about our first world problems and the cutest tunes ever :-)

have fun & read you earlier or later or never ever. oi.

First update in years…

sorry for bein’ the slowest label ever. There are some new releases out. Please get in touch if you need any of these. There are some new demo tapes.

Check out Black Tower here:

it’s Dave and Skottie from Crusades and Erin from Visitors. You could call them fantasy punk or the Blind Guardian of melody punk, ha ha. Check them out.

Then the Replica 7” is out now. Got remastered a little and sounds different to the Prank version. The Nuclear Spring record came out for their European tour, but sold out within a few weeks. Hysteria records will do a us press soon.

Will get the New Flesh LP, the Isolation tape as well as the Voight Kampff one in a few days or weeks.

The Levitations 7” and the Generacion Suicida as well as the No Sir I Won’t  / Autonomy split should be done too.

Then it looks like i’ll re-release an old German punk record soon. Could be CTCT 033. We’ll see.

What else could i tell you ? maybe nothing. Be sure to check out Hounds Of Hate, Violent Reaction and Coke Bust soon.

listening to Los VIoladores only these days. :-)

Here’s the song “b-sides” from the upcoming Levitations 7” called “partners in crime”. Will be out soon. More news to come asap. Some more new releases are coming out the next days.

Long time without any news…

because my life is busy as usual.

There are some new releases out now. You can find a few words about these in the older news:

Valley Boys - dto. 12”

Wetbrain - deeemo Tape

The Light - demo Tape

aaaand the new Low Culture 7”. This is a co-release with my buddy Julian Drunken Sailor Records:

Low Culture - Evil / Slave To You 7”
Scrappy, melodic garagepunk from Las Cruces, NM. Members of The Marked Men and Shang-A-Lang. In late 2011, when it was clear that Shang-A-Lang was coming to an end, Chris asked Sam and Cade (of Total Jock) if they wanted to start a new band. Low Culture practiced a few times as a three-piece, but a few weeks later Joe (Marked Men/Shang-A-Lang) moved back to Las Cruces and joined the band. Low Culture’s first show was in early November 2011 was at Shang-A-Lang’s last show and the band’s been moving full steam ahead ever since. With a few short regional trips and a tour of the Northeast and Canada with Iron Chic in support of their debut 7” under their belt, they’re showing no signs of slowing down. A European tour is in the works for March of 2013 as well as many US dates as their work schedules will allow. Low Culture plays catchy garage punk that while not far removed from some of the member’s previous project, Shang-A-Lang, has a lot less emphasis on riffs and blown out recordings, and more emphasis on melody and crisp (while not necessarily “over-produced”) recordings. Produced by Mark Ryan (Marked Men/Mind Spiders) in Fort Worth, mastered by Dave Williams (Crusades, Steve Adamyk Band) in Ottawa. This is their 2nd 7” after their debut lp for Dirtnap Records just came out a few weeks ago.

European Tour Dates:

Fr. 15.03.2013 Bremen - G 18
Sa. 16.03.2013 Aalborg - 1000 Fryd
So. 17.03.2013 Hamburg - Störte
Mo. 18.03.2013 Berlin - Wowsville
Di. 19.03.2013 Leipzig - Zoro
Mi. 20.03.2013 Offenburg - Kessel
Do. 21.03.2013 Basel - Hirscheneck
Fr. 22.03.2013 Paris - La Mecanique Ondulatoire
Sa. 23.03.2013 Camden - The Black Heart
So. 24.03.2013 Manchester - The Bay Horse
Mo. 25.03.2013 Gateshead - The Central
Di. 26.03.2013 Liverpool - The Lomax
Mi. 27.03.2013 Leeds - The Wharf Chambers
Do. 28.03.2013 Kortrijk - The Pits
Fr. 29.03.2013 Amsterdam - Occii
Sa. 30.03.2013 Groningen - Vera

There are also a billion upcoming releases. Just am mentioning the ones to come out before summer for very sure. Check the website every now and then. There also will be an online shop the next days:

CTCT 019 Autonomy / No Sir I Won’t Split LP
CTCT 020 Replica 7”
CTCT 024 Levitations 7”
CTCT 026 Nuclear Spring 7” or 12”
CTCT 027 New Flesh LP
CTCT 028 Isolation Tape
CTCT 029 Voight Kampff Tape
CTCT 030 Barge Tape
CTCT 031 Airen Dog Tape
CTCT 032 Absolut Demo 2013 Tape
CTCT 033 Coke Bust Tape

have fun. see and hear you soon, Flo


Hey folks,

the Street Eaters 12” is out now for a few weeks, i finally got the cover for the Vaccine 7” and have this for sale too as well as the Deism and New Flesh demo tapes. Wow.

Also the Wetbrain and The Light tapes will be ready soon and the Valley Boys 12” is at the pressing plant.

Don’t know any of these bands ? who cares ? Deism play some modern hardcore stuff and their demo just blew me away. They are from Alabama and you can find the songs right here:

The New Flesh is the other band of my body Bryan from Neon Piss and other people who play in very good and hip bands. Brilliant dark punk. I also will put out their lp next year:

Wetbrain are from Cleveland and for sure these guys were in bands like H100s, Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, Inmates, Darvocets, Nine Shocks Terror, Annihilation Time, Midnight bla bla bla and play amazing hc/ punk. You can find all songs here:

The Light are the new band of Ruby from No Statik and they rule. They just did a quick demo recording for the subversion fest they will play this weekend in Oakland and I’ll do some tapes for Europe then. Wanna listen to all songs ?

Valley Boys are the new band of my good friend Jon Sharron who used to be in bands like Brutal Knights, Uranus, Chokehold and some more and also play in Hassler and Career Suicide. This band also has folks from School Jerks and Vapids and it’s nothing but great punk rock:

Lots of news and lots of links. Hope you enjoy some bands. There will be more releases coming the next weeks and months. Think i have very few copies of sold out releases left as some people never paid for it. If you wanna get anything feel free to write me an email.

have fun, enjoy your life. Up the punx.

First Song of the new Street Eaters 12”. Will be out right in time for their first European tour. Please write if you wanna do a show. There are still some gaps to fill. The band kills it with that record.